San Francisco Downtown Hostel unveils newly redesigned lobby

The San Francisco Downtown Hostel has completely redecorated their lobby to exemplify what they're calling an "urban rustic" design aesthetic, with a few unexpected twists. Check out a photo gallery of the new digs, and browse pictures of the recently refreshed first floor lounge as well.

During the remodel, under about a thousand layers of carpet glue, they discovered the hostel's original, 1907 stone-cut mosaic tiled floor. That discovery, combined with the creative visions of General Manager Danny Case and Activities Coordinator Jesse James, set the tone for the style of the new lobby – salvaged, vintage, modern, and functional.

The tiled floor is definitely a special feature, as is the new reception desk that's made entirely of reclaimed wood, but a focal point of the room is a gold replica of a sabertooth tiger tooth. It adds a bit of a wild flare to the room's rustic feel, and it's become a popular spot to pose for a photo.

The furniture and light fixtures in the lobby are all new -- many of them were purchased from H.D. Buttercup --including a beautiful, high-backed Victorian chair made of burlap, as well as a few other quirky baubles.

Another special design feature is the projection wall behind the front desk. An empty frame on a blank wall invites a staff member to fill the space with their personality, by screening their favorite videos or films. On the opposite wall hangs a mid-century piece of three-dimensional wood art that once adorned the walls of the Exploratorium. It's a colorful, textured piece that fits well with the reclaimed wood theme. In addition, bar seating has been added along the front windows, allowing a connection to the street outside the hostel, while creating additional spaces that turn the lobby into more of a gathering place than a room to pass through.

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Stay at the San Francisco Downtown Hostel and enjoy the beautiful facilities with modern amenities and vintage character.